"El Sol"

Piece for Four-Voice, a cappella Choir

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"El Sol" is a choral song in Spanish, setting to music a passage from the Bahá'í Writings:

"Oh peoples of the world!   The Sun of Truth hath risen to illumine the whole earth, and to spiritualize the community of man.  Laudable are the results and the fruits thereof, abundant the holy evidences deriving from this grace."

In Spanish:

"¡Oh pueblos del mundo! El Sol de la Verdad ha aparecido para iluminar la tierra entera, y para espiritualizar a la comunidad del hombre.  Loables son sus resultados y sus frutos, abundantes las santas evidencias que proceden de esta gracia."

The music was composed by Ludwig Tuman.

(Though not part of the Choral Tales Project, the song is being temporarily housed on this site.)

For a video of the scrolling score and music, click the link below. 


English subtitles can be seen by clicking on the CC button (closed captioning) next to the volume control.


The score and parts are available from the composer at: