Appreciations of the Choral Tales Project

Dr. Ervin Laszlo
Twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
Author, Founder of Systems Philosophy
President, Club of Budapest

"an important and indeed vital project"


"Choral Tales could make a major difference as we strive toward a world we could leave in good conscience to our children, and to the children who will follow.

"We live on a precious, nearly unique planet in the cosmos, and we need to take care of it --  because taking care of the planet means taking care of ourselves and our children. The best tales we could tell are those that help us live up to this epochal challenge.

"The project addresses the key, in fact crucial, issue in our attempts to create a sustainable and humane world: our creativity. Einstein said that we cannot solve the problems of the time with the same kind of thinking in the framework of which they were born, and we can point out that the new thinking we need is creative thinking, based on our feeling of oneness with nature and with humanity.

"Nothing can express this more clearly and poignantly than our culture --  and there is nothing more credible and meaningful in our diverse cultures than the tales we tell about ourselves and the world."

Twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, the author of 70 books, an acclaimed pianist with six volumes of recordings to his name, and a tireless promoter of a new global consciousness, Dr. Laszlo is one of the great renaissance thinkers of our times. He is generally credited with founding systems philosophy and general evolution theory. Dr. Laszlo is an adviser to the UNESCO Director General and a member of the World Academy of Art and Science, and of the International Academy of Philosophy.



Heidi Bradbury - headshot3.png

Heidi Bradbury
Artist and Author

“The folk tales in The Choral Tales Project teach and touch our humanity, our very soul, and effect change. One can never be quite the same after hearing the stories of cultures to which few of us have been exposed, yet intuitively understand. The tales carry ancient truths about the human condition and show what acts of generosity, kindness, compassion and love toward others, the earth and all of its creatures, can overcome. This message is more important today than any time in the history of the world.

“So it is with this inspiration, a renewed spirit of commitment to these truths and a deep appreciation for being included in this project that I have attempted to capture in the painting “Namaste” the essence of the ageless wisdom to be gleaned from the tales. I want their message to fly off the page and rise from our collective choral voice to reach as far and as many as possible.

“Perhaps this project, as has been the case with other noble achievements, can bring about a greater rebirth, eventually a global renewal of man’s responsibility to man and to nature.”

Armando J. Lopez
President and CEO
The Arts Collaborative 


"attractive, timely, critically important."

"Choral Tales brings together enchanting folk stories from around the world, representing the authentic voices of humanity.  The project presents the stories through original music and dance, spreading appreciation of cultural diversity, while highlighting the oneness of humankind."

Armando Lopez  was recognized as businessman of the year for his support of the arts by the Ventura County Arts Council and was named the City of Oxnard's Distinguished Citizen of the Year for 2005.  He continues his community involvement as a board member of various foundations and community organizations, and is the founder of The Arts Collaborative.




Richard Bangs
Executive Producer and Host of
the eco-travel television series, Adventures with Purpose

"A noble project such as this stitches the world together. 

Choral Tales is such a wonderful and vital project, it resonates mightily with me. 

     I pledge my support and applaud."

Having won 33 awards (including two Emmy's), Richard Bangs is widely known as the "father of modern adventure travel."  His television series Adventures with Purpose is broadcast nationwide on PBS, combining adventure with travel that makes a difference, travel that positively impacts the world.




Dr. Dorothy Marcic
Playwright, Author,
Professor at Columbia University

"Choral Tales is about love and humanity and music. It shows our higher selves and the 'better angels of our nature' - in the words of Abraham Lincoln."

Dr. Marcic is the author of 15 books, including the best-selling Understanding Management, Managing with the Wisdom of Love.  She has written two hit musicals, RESPECT and SISTAS.  She has also served as advisor to the US Ambassador of the Czech Republic and was a delegate to both the United Nations Economic and Social Develop Summit in Copenhagen and the UN Commission on the Status of Women.