For Choral Directors and Singers

If you are a choral director, singer, or simply a lover of music, the videos below are for you.

The Choral Tales pieces stand on their own as musical works, without need of being accompanied by dance. The three videos below show the Choral Tales recorded without dancers, with the choir alone.

(To see the same choral works with dancers included, see videos on Home page.)

Music composed by Ludwig Tuman. For scores, please use our Contact Form. The scores are soon to be posted on this site.

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The choral director in the recordings is Dr. Jonathan Talberg, conducting the renowned Chamber Choir of the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University, Long Beach.

THE HAPPY MAN’S SHIRT - based on a tale from Scotland/UK

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Choral text by Shirin Sabri:

High on a hill top a proud castle stood
By shimmering lakes and the king's own wood.

The king felt no joy, and the wise o' the court
Said that his cure was a happy man's shirt.

The king went out to wander the land,
To find a happy man,

But every place he went,
All wanted something,
None were content.

None but a whistler, roaming carefree,
Said the king, "Will you lend your shirt to me?"

The whistler laughed, happy to share,
But under his coat his chest was bare!

The king laughed aloud, his heart serene,
With light steps he set off home to his queen.

LORD OF THE CRANES - based on a tale from China

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Choral text by Shirin Sabri:

Xian heard whispers in a poor man’s sigh,
flew down with cranes from mountain clouds,
changed his robes for a pauper’s clothes,
but no-one saw him, no-one saw,
busy and quick they walked on by.

Then, lit by doors wide open
a kind host called Xian to his inn,
shared his rice, hot soup and joy.
In praise and thanks Xian painted cranes
that sprang to life and danced to song.

The inn grew rich, the landlord gave,
he gathered others in his care.
At last he asked, “Who are you?
Is there more that I can do?”

“Teach others to be kind,” said Xian;
his flute breathed a call to love.
On beating wings he flew away
to heaven’s flower fields above.

CAT’S PROTECTOR - based on a tale from Tanzania

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Choral text by Shirin Sabri:

Cat was so small,
It was her great sorrow—
She wanted a friend,
A strong friend to follow.

She padded down to the waterhole—
seeking one to fill the role.

A woman with a water pot,
impala, parrot, antelope,
swift gazelle and warthog
did not offer her much hope.

Cat saw the woman’s eyes were kind
but did not pay her any mind.

Cat chose the Lion, pacing proud,
saw antelope flee
when he roared loud –
Lion was Cat’s new friend.

Cat saw the woman planting seed
but did not pay her any heed.

Then Cat saw the lion cowed
when Elephant chased him
trumpeting loud—
Elephant was Cat’s new friend.

Cat saw the woman’s children play,
but Cat was busy, did not stay.

Elephant stole, cat heard a shout,
the woman’s husband brought a gun.
Elephant ran and the man
was Cat’s new friend, for he had won.

Cat saw the woman take that gun
put it away when the day was done.

Cat chose the woman,
kind hands and soft words,
a place by the fire
where Cat purred, how she purred.

Cat rolled herself in a little ball,
Fed and safe, she had it all.